You get an 8" x 8" wood one-of-a-kind original piece. Comes varnished with mounted saw-tooth hanging hardware, ready to hang!

       Offer 3 words to influence the direction of the piece


       Cost = $160 total 

two $80 payments, one to start the work and one when it's ready to come home.


        You get 1+ original(s)


       Choose 1 original from up to 3 to 4 drawings completed in an hour session.


        Cost = $125/hour

want more than 1, $85 for each additional original. Become a collector of all originals created in an hour for just $275.

       You get a large scale original custom indoor or outdoor mural

       Cost = flight, lodging and materials


Proudly representing her Oregon roots here in Portland, Oregon, Ursula graduated in 2010 with a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art. She then created a series of large paintings inspired by her rainy bike commutes over the many bridges of Portland. This series was the beginning of her fascination with weather, architectural landscapes, and bridges.


In 2011 she founded Jailhouse Studios, a female run creative work space and gallery named after the history of the building, which was erected in 1905 for the Southeast Portland Police. This same year was the beginning of her mural career.

Finding joy in the physicality of large-scale painting, she began to paint any walls and odd spaces she could find. This inspiration from her environment created an obsession with travel early in Ursula’s career. She lived in South America, traveled all 50 states, visited architecture in Europe and was awarded a mural grant to live in Mexico in 2016. Travel has become and will continue to be the backbone of her process.

In recent years, Ursula has also grown to work and collaborate with talented local designers, manufacturers and small businesses, expanding her UB product line illustrating urban landscapes and creating accessible and sustainable products. In December 2018, this ongoing collaboration helped Ursula transform Jailhouse Studios into Jailbreak Studios, an art studio, gallery, resource center and storefront promoting locally made unique objects, handmade jewelry, home goods and apparel created by people of color, queer, and female emerging artists. Through Jailbreak Studios, Ursula continues to push freedom of thought and creativity with the collaboration and support of other creatives.



To learn more about how Ursula started out, check out the article in the 1859 Oregon Magazine from November 1st, 2015.

Of Ink and Accidents Written by Lee Disanti, Photos by Joni Kabana.




Jochim & Associates Office Murals (3) 2019

Britt Festival Artist Residency Mural 2019

Riera Gallery Mural in Havana, Cuba 2019

Capitol One Cafe Mural 2018

Sammich + Pastrami Zombie Mural 2018

Crema Bakery & Cafe Mural 2018

Vitalize Portland Murals (2 Locations) 2017 & 2018

Fidelity National Title Co. Murals

(Portland and Vancouver locations) 2014 & 2018

Travel Portland Headquarter Office Murals (2) 2017

Tech Fest Northwest 12-Wall Interactive

and Movable Mural 2017

Portland Night Market Mural 2016

TriMet Safety Wall Mural 2016

Cabo Surf Camp Mural in Cabo, Mexico 2016

NextGen/Nevada University Mural 2016

Portlandia Movable Mural Seasons 4 & 5

Guerilla Development 2/3rds Mural 2016

Pacific Green Dispensary Mural 2015

HOPE Gallery Mural Austin, Texas 2014

Leanne NYC, Window Display 2014

PDX Strength Mural 2014

Daily Cafe, Mural 2013

Avnera Office Mural 2013

Racion Lounge and Restaurant, Entire Interior Mural 2013

MTV Real World Portland 2012



Jailhouse Gallery Solo Show, May 2017

Curator's Choice Award CAP Art Auction, April 2017 

Crafty Wonderland Featured Artist, December 2016

Chair Affair Art Auction, April 2016

Happy City Animation Exhibit, September 2016

Jupiter Hotel Solo Show, August 2015  

ICON 8 Roadshow Exhibitor, July 2014

Revolution Design House Boxcar Artist Series 1 & 2, 2014

Denis Flippin Gallery Solo Show, April 2013 denver

Sitka Art Invitational, March 2012, 2014

Cascade AIDS Project Annual Art Auction, January 2012-2014

Montgomery Park Solo Show, March 2011

OHSU Solo Show, February 2011

Caplan Gallery, January 2011

Voorhees Life Drawing Top Collection, March 2008



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